Notes from the Code Enforcement Officer

  1. Assistance:
    1. The Code Enforcement Office staff are here to help you. From questions concerning a potential property purchase to questions abut plans for property improvements, please do not hesitate to contact our office. I'm confidant you will find our staff knowledgeable and courteous.
    2. If you observe an unsafe or unsanitary condition in Town, we want to help remedy that situation. Our initial efforts will always be to pursue voluntary cooperation but it those efforts fail, other enforcement options will be pursued.
    3. We encourage everyone to take pride in their property, to be considerate of their neighbors and to keep the Town of Catskill a great place to visit and live.
  2. Building Permits:
    1. Please note that our involvement with proposed property improvements, besides being mandated by State Law, is undertaken for the property occupant's safety and well-being.
    2. The building permit process starts with a review of an application (available through the Town's website), includes a review of the proposed work location to assess compliance with zoning regulations, a review of the proposed construction plans to assess compliance with applicable state building and energy codes, periodic site inspections to ensure that the approved plans are being followed and ends with the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance.
    3. The property owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all required Code Enforcement Office inspections, as listed on the building permit, are called for and completed. Coordination with your General Contractor and/or subcontractors on this issue is extremely important.
    4. Occupying or using a building or portion thereof that does not have a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance is a violation of Local and State Law.
  3. State and Local Laws:
    1. The Town of Catskill and New York State have established laws that mandate minimum standards for construction, fire safety, and property maintenance.
    2. Landlords are required to furnish a working heating system, water supply system, sewage disposal system and other life safety features for their tenants.
    3. Swimming pools without proper fences will not be tolerated. Not only the property owner's family but invited and uninvited guests could accidentally drown without such protection.
    4. New York State requires smoke alarms in every bedroom adn in the hallway outside of bedrooms. Carbon monoxide alarms are also required on each floor of a home that has a potential source of this deadly gas. This requirement is retroactive for all existing dwellings and is similarly required for all non-residential uses.