Marriage License

How to apply for a Marriage License

Congratulations! To apply for a marriage license both parties need to appear before the Town Clerk or a Deputy Town Clerk. Each person needs to bring a certified copy of their birth certificate (not a hospital copy), photo identification such as a state issued driver's license or state issued non-driver's identification card or a passport (Medicaid cards are not acceptable as proof of identity).  

If the marriage is a second or subsequent an official divorce decree or death certificate is required. The fee is $40.00 (cash or check only). The marriage license must be obtained at least twenty four hours before your ceremony and is valid for sixty days. Marriage licenses are issued from 9 am to 3:30pm.




To obtain a copy a copy of a Marriage Record

The applicant must be either the bride or the groom and must have obtained their license in the Town. Completion of the appropriate form, if stopping into Town Hall, or a letter with the pertinent information as well as a copy of a driver's license or state issued non-driver's identitifation must be provided. If you are requesting the record by mail, only a $10 money order will be accepted. Please call with any questions.

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