Receiver of Taxes

Welcome to The Office of Tax Receiving

The 2021 Collection is Underway

The Tax Rolls (from 2008 to 2020) are available online through the town website.

Duties of the Tax Receiver:

Our job is bookkeeping for the taxpayers of the Town of Catskill. We do not make property assessments, that is the job of the Sole Assessor - (518) 943-2141 ext 7. We do not foreclose on property for unpaid taxes, that is the job of the Greene County Treasurer - (518) 719-3527. We CANNOT wave taxes or penalties, that is the job of the Greene County Legislature - (518) 719-3530. If you have any questions regarding these issues please contact the designated office.

If you need tax information or wish to pay taxes anytime of the year between January 1st & July 31st please feel free to contact us by phone - (518) 943-2141 ext 5 - or use the links on the left for access to tax bills. Due to COVID-19, Town Hall is closed to the public so please call in advance to schedule an appointment to pay your taxes or utilize the Bank of Greene County to pay in person.  

Keeping Information Correct:

We are constantly making corrections and updating our tax roll. We need your help to keep us informed whenever there is a change in your status. Please use any of the links on the left or call our Sole Assessor - (518) 943-2141 ext 7 - with any changes to make sure all information is correct and up to date!

If you have issues concerning STAR, Senior Exemptions, Veteran Exemptions, property assessment, address change or deed change please call our Sole Assessor, Ms. Audre Higbee, by phone at (518) 943-2141 ext 7, e-mail, or use the Assessor's Web Page.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Samuel Aldi Receiver of Taxes
Jason Acevedo Deputy Receiver of Taxes