Rules & Guidelines for Senior Center Participants

Welcome to the Washington Irving Senior Center (WISC). Our Center is open daily from 9:00am until 3:00pm, Monday through Friday as a place where adults age 55 years and older can participate in recreation, socialization, and activities, as well as find helpful information and services.

The Town of Catskill is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our participants, visitors, and staff.

To ensure this supportive environment the following Guidelines and Rules have been established:

General Guidelines:
  1. Please treat others with courtesy and respect.
  2. The Senior Center depends on volunteers and we encourage you to join our staff of volunteers.
  3. Items like packages and bags may not be left overnight, and the center is not responsible for the security of any articles and is not responsible for damage or theft.
  4. If you wish to take photographs of Center participants, or circulate a petition or survey, please obtain the permission of the Senior Center Director.
  1. Individuals must be able to care for themselves independently while participating in Center activities. Senior Center staff cannot provide personal care and will determine if participants are required to be accompanied by a care attendant while at the Center. Individuals needing assistance (memory impairment, incontinence, wheelchair user unable to use restroom independently, etc.) may participate in Center activities with the aid of a care attendant.
  2. The use of derogatory comments, slurs, or language that is abusive, threatening, loud, insulting, or harassing may lead to suspension or expulsion from Senior Center.
  3. Physical abuse, fighting, destroying or damaging property and other disruptive behavior is prohibited and may lead to suspension or expulsion from Senior Center.
  4. Food and beverages are only allowed in dining areas, the multi-purpose room and main hall. Please refrain from bringing food or beverages into the lounge (TV and computer) area. Please, report any spills immediately, so we may clean them up to prevent someone from slipping and falling.
  5. Smoking is permitted outside only, and discard butts in the proper receptacles. Please be courteous to others who are entering and exiting the Center.
  6. No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought to the Center. Anyone under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the Center.
  7. No weapons are allowed on the premises.
  8. No solicitation is allowed.
  9. Participants should wear shoes and clean clothing.  
  10. Parking is at the rear of the building only. The Center is not responsible for cars parked in the parking lot.
  11. Seeing Eye dogs are allowed in the Center and must be restrained and remain with their companion/owner at all times. They may not be left unattended outside the center.
  12. The Center Director must approve all flyers and notices before they can be affixed to the bulletin boards. Items put on the board without approval will be taken down immediately.
  13. It is very important that all individuals or groups clean up after themselves. Please place trash in proper cans, and pour unfinished liquids in the sink before putting into garbage cans. If there is a spill, or you need help with cleaning or mopping an area, ask the staff to help you.  
  14. Persons with a severe cold or contagious illness should refrain from visiting the Center until they are well enough and no longer contagious.  
  15. Gambling is not allowed.

Thank You for your full understanding and adherence to the above rules & guidelines. Failure to adhere to these rules & guidelines is grounds for suspension and/or expulsion from the Center.