Yearly Tax Payment Schedule

The schedule for paying local taxes in Greene County is as follows:

Town & County

January 1st. Last day without penalty: January 31st. Last day to pay in Town Hall before return to Greene County Treasurer with additional penalties & delinquency: July 31th.

Village of Catskill

June 1st. Last day before relevy: October 31st.

Catskill Central School

Early September release and for the last day before relevy*, call the School Tax Collector at (518) 943-2300 ext 1446.

*Relevy: Relevy is a term which means that a prior tax has not been paid within the collection period. It is then put on the following years' tax bill. After two years pass and taxes are still unpaid, the foreclosure process begins.

For more information please call the Tax Department at the Treasurer's Office at (518) 719-3527.