Online Tax Payment

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Online Tax Payment Option

The process is simple and secure.


  • Last name ONLY
  • Property address ONLY
  • Tax ID number ONLY
  • OR bill number ONLY

Do NOT enter all at once (please understand less information is BETTER than more).

When you get to your bill, click the "PAY FULL" button at the top right of the page. You will then be brought to a secure credit card payment page. These directions are valid during the collection year ONLY (January to July).

Please Note

Every Credit Card Company charges vendors who accept their cards a fee for the "privilege". Because we are a municipality, by law we are NOT ALLOWED TO PAY THESE FEES. So, if you, the taxpayer wish to use a credit card or a DEBIT MASTERCARD; a fee (2.45%) must be paid. If you use a VISA DEBIT CARD, the fee is a flat $3.95. If you use the eCheck method the fee is $1.95.

We do not encourage taxpayers to use this service unless there is a benefit which they will derive; such as "points," "miles," "cash back," etc.

The choice is entirely yours.

Please send us any comments about these programs via e-mail.