How do I handle a Traffic Summons?

Answer your notice by mail BEFORE the summons date.  Fill out all required information on the right hand side of your ticket.

Enter your plea-guilty or not guilty-in the appropriate box and mail it back to: 

Catskill Town Court
441 Main St
Catskill, NY 12414

If you plead Not Guilty you will receive a notice with your Pre-Trial Conference date;

If you plead Guilty you will receive a fine letter with the amount to pay.

Acceptable forms of payment are Certified Checks or Money Orders made payable to Catskill Town Court; Cash; Visa or Mastercard. Absolutely NO personal checks or business checks accepted.

Requests for adjournment must be received at least seven days prior to the court date in writing either by post, email or fax.

Suspension Notices: What to do

You must answer your New York State Department of Motor Vehicles notice in person before the suspension date listed on the notice. Failure to do so will require a suspension lift fee in addition to any fines due. This fee is mandated by the State of New York and is non-refundable.