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Receiver of Taxes
Contact TypeContact Information
Receiver of Taxes
439 Main Street 1st Floor
Catskill, NY 12414
518-943-2141 x5
518 943-0209
January 9-3 M-F
Feb & Mar 10-12 M-F
April - July
Aug. thru Dec. Office is Closed
FYI: Town Hall is Closed
from 12-12:30 Daily
Welcome to The Office of Tax Receiving

The 2016 Tax Collection has ended.
Greene County Treasurer
for information call: (518) 719-3527

If you wish to see your bill, they are available ONLINE thru the Town Web Site
@ this link...

PLEASE NOTE: Payments are NO LONGER ACCEPTED.  You may print copies.
ONLINE TAX PAYMENT OPTION: The process is simple and secure. Enter a last name, or property address, or tax ID number, or bill number; (please use less information instead of more). When you get to your bill, click the button at the top right of the page, 'PAY FULL'. You will then be brought to a secure credit card payment page.
PLEASE NOTE: Every Credit Card Company charges vendors who accept their cards a fee for the "privilege". Because we are a municipality, by law we are NOT ALLOWED TO PAY THESE FEES. So, if you, the taxpayer wish to use a credit card or a DEBIT MASTERCARD; a fee (2.45%) must be paid. If you use a VISA DEBIT CARD, the fee is a flat $3.95.
We do not encourage taxpayers to use this service unless there is a benefit which they will derive from it; such as "points" or "miles" or "cash back"etc.
The choice is entirely yours.

Please send us any comments about these changes via eMail:

Have Issues...? concerning, STAR, Senior Exemptions, property assessment, address change, please call our Sole Assessor Ms. Audre Higbee; @ (518) 943-2141 x7.

HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR YOUR PROPERTY INFORMATION ONLINE? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ABLE TO SEE AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF YOUR PROPERTY? WELL LOOK AHEAD............. click this link and you will be brought to Greene County's Department of Real Property Web Site (GIS MAPING).
Our job for the taxpayers of the Town of Catskill is bookkeeping. We do not make property assessments, that is the job of the Sole Assessor (518) 943-2141 x7. We do not foreclose on property for unpaid taxes, that is the job of the Greene County Treasurer (518) 719-3527. We CANNOT wave taxes or penalties, that is the job of the Greene County Legislature (518) 719-3530. If you have any questions regarding these issues please contact the responsible offices. If you need tax information or wish to pay taxes anytime of the year between January 1 & July 31st please feel free to contact me @ (518) 943-2141 x 5 or use the links above for; copies of tax bills, to add a third party notification etc.. These are the areas where I can help.

The schedule for paying local taxes in GREENE COUNTY are as follows:
TOWN & COUNTY: January; last day without penalty, January 31st. Last day to pay in Town Hall before return to Greene County Treasurer with additional penalties & delinquency, July 31th.
VILLAGE OF CATSKILL: June 1st; last day before relevy; Nov. 13th.
CATSKILL CENTRAL SCHOOL: September 1st; last day before relevy Nov.5th.

We are constantly making corrections and updating our tax roll. We need your help to keep us informed whenever there is a change in your status. Please use any of the links above or call our Sole Assessor; @ (518) 943-2141 x7, with any changes to make sure all information is correct and up to date!

If you would like to have a duplicate tax bill sent to you, please fill out the form using the link above. Sometimes, situations arise where children would like to make sure their aging parents pay their bills and they ask us to send them a copy of the tax bill. There are other reasons for duplicates as well. We are happy to provide this service. Please go to the link above (3rd Party Notification..); fill out the form and email or mail it back to us.

If you are a new owner or there is a change in your status, (i.e. address, escrow, primary residence, 3rd party notification etc.) PLEASE notify us immediately. The process for updating information is slower than we would like, therefore, we ask that property owners,  NOTIFY US BY TELEPHONE, EMAIL OR IN PERSON, ASAP! During the time when the tax office is closed please advise the Sole Town Assessor by telephone @ 943-2141 x7 or by eMail to give her all relevant information.

A WORD ABOUT THE MAIL: We cannot speak for the US Post Office. If your bill or receipt does not arrive please call our office to inquire. (518) 943-2141 x 5.

A WORD ABOUT POSTMARKS: NYS Real Property Law states that we must respect the postmark on payments. Therefore, when you pay your taxes near the end of a month MAKE SURE the post office staff stamps the envelope in your presence which will guarantee the postmark!