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Monthly Town Board September 5, 2006
Monthly Town Board Meeting
Catskill Town Hall
September 5th, 2006     7:00 PM

Attending:                      Supervisor,             Joseph Izzo
                                Councilman,             Joseph Hanusik  
                                Councilman,             Joseph Leggio
                                Councilman,             Robert Antonelli
                                Councilman,             Lewis O’Connor
                                Town Clerk,             Karen Sprague Johnson
                                Deputy,         Elizabeth Izzo
                                CE Officer,             Linda Speckman
                                Hwy. Super.             Alfie Beers

Supervisor Izzo welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened with a moment of silent prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supervisor Izzo spoke about the resolution to take over the Rural Cemetery on North Jefferson Avenue.  Mr. Lane, who is the President of the Rural Cemetery Association, was present.  Supervisor Izzo read the resolution aloud.  

Councilman Leggio asked if there is going to be an audit/inventory completed before the Town assumes responsibility for the Cemetery.  Supervisor Izzo stated that there is a financial report on hand and that an inventory would be taken of the equipment.  Councilman Leggio asked if a third party would be completing this.  Mr. Lane stated that the information is straightforward.  

Mark Whitbeck, who represents the Babe Ruth League, asked about the lease that they have with the Rural Cemetery Asso.  Supervisor Izzo stated that once the Town officially takes over the Rural Cemetery, all previous arrangements/agreements with the Rural Cemetery are null and void and that a new agreement (lease) will be contracted.  

Mr. Whitbeck does not have a copy of the lease, nor does Mr. Lane.  Supervisor Izzo stated that the lease should be on file at the County Clerk’s Office.


08/01/2006                      Catskill Town Board Monthly Meeting
                                Motion  Councilman Robert Antonelli
                                Second  Councilmen O’Connor & Leggio

                                Ayes    5,    Nays    0,            Absent    0,         Motion Carried

08/16/2006                      Catskill Town Board Committee Meeting
                                Motion  Councilman Robert Antonelli
                                Second  Councilman Joseph Leggio
                                Ayes    5,    Nays    0,            Absent    0,         Motion Carried

                                        RURAL CEMETERY ON NORTH                                                         JEFFERSON AVENUE.

Councilman Robert Antonelli, presented the following for consideration and adoption.

Town of Catskill, County of Greene, State of New York

WHEREAS, there has been established in the town a cemetery known as the CATSKILL RURAL CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, INC., which association maintains a public cemetery on North Jefferson Ave., in Catskill, Greene County, New York, and owns real property in said Town, and

WHEREAS, said association has under its care certain funds for perpetual care, permanent maintenance, special trust, general fund, deposited in the following banks; UBS Trust, Key Trust #5980, and Greene Bancorp.

WHEREAS, the association has been and still is unable to procure sufficient income from above investments, the members of the association and from the representatives of the deceased persons interred in the cemetery.

WHEREAS, the cemetery association has requested that the Town of Catskill, pursuant to Section 1506 (j) of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, accept the conveyance of the cemetery premises and transfer of assets.

RESOLVED, That the Town of Catskill accept the conveyance of the cemetery premises and the transfer of the assets from the cemetery association, such conveyance shall be subject to all agreements as to lots sold and all trust, restrictions and conditions upon the title or use of the real property or assets.    

                                                                Karen Sprague Johnson
                                                                      TOWN CLERK

Councilmen Joseph Hanusik & Joseph Leggio, seconded the motion.

Ayes    5,   Nays    0,   Absent    0,                  Motion Carried


Resolution No. 282-2006         Approving Reimbursement to Community                                            Colleges
                                        (Catskill’s share $221.33 for Spring/Summer 06)


Letter to Supervisor Izzo from Amy Townsend, Staatsburg, NY, regarding conditions at the Catskill Game Farm.

Correspondence from Rene VanSchaack, Greene Co. Soil and Water Conservation District, concerning the drainage problem at Greene Medical Arts Building/ Suburban Way.

Copy of a letter from NYS Department of Transportation to Gary Harvey, Supt.
Greene Co. Highway Department, regarding approval of speed reduction on Fyke Road, to 30 MPH.

Notice of Order from NYS Department of Transportation approval of speed reduction on Fyke Road to 30 MPH.

Letter from NYS Office of Parks and Recreation, inviting applications for the 2007 Federal Recreational Trails Program.

Correspondence from NYS Department of Conservation, announcing Dam Safety Regulation Sessions about the preliminary draft regulations.

An announcement from the NYS Education Department, granting the Town of Catskill a Local Government Records Management Award in the sum of $5,542.00, with the first payment check for $2,771.00.

Growing Greene, a newsletter from the Greene Co. Planning and Economic Development, was received.   There will be a daylong training program (Main St. Forum) on 9/18/2006.

Letter from Selden Lane requesting meeting with Board regarding their pipe situation with Pollace’s.

Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement from GC Council on the Arts, Inc.

Letter from Joseph Stanzione, Esq., regarding his client and whether Old Underhill Road has been deemed a Town Road.

Memo from Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area regarding the 2006 Hudson River Valley Ramble.

Letter from John and Carolyn Pardy regarding their support of the
Auto Parts store as the ambulance headquarters.

E-Mail from Kathleen Hintz, on auto parts store for ambulance headquarters.

Governor Pataki has announced a major new initiative, “Restore NY, to further enhance New York State’s urban areas.  A total of $300 million has been appropriated, which will be administered by Empire State Development, NY.  Of this $50 million is available for this first round of grants, which has a September 15th, deadline.

Final equalization rate for the Town of Catskill is 66.69, per NYS Board of Real Property Services.

Letter from Senator Seward updating end of session issues.

Letter from Village of Catskill regarding a resolution to support a sales tax sharing plan.  The Town and Villages presented at the last work group a concept that would be beneficial for all the Towns and Villages in regards to the potential for the County Legislature to share some portion of their sales tax with the Villages and the Town.  The Town of Catskill has already passed a resolution asking this to be done.  Supervisor Izzo stated that this is a modest request in regards to the amount of sales tax that Greene County collects.  The analysis is actual sales tax revenue.  What the Towns and Villages are asking to have done, is that as the sales tax grows, any amount over a set amount, the County will automatically keep.  In the first year of this proposal, the amount that would be returned to the Villages and Towns would be about $880,000.  The County receives over $25 million in sales tax.  This proposal will be sent to the Greene County Legislature for their review.

As an aside, the Town Board spoke with the Manager of the new Wal-Mart store and based on what they anticipate the revenue to be and sales tax in the first year of being open, the County has the opportunity to pickup four to five million dollars in sales tax.  The County does not pay for any Village Police, snow removal, water or sewer.  The Supervisor feels that it is about time the County look at sharing at least a marginal amount of the sales tax revenue.

Time Warner will be making channel changes.

Hudson River Valley newsletter.

Correspondence from Governor’s Office for Small Cities in regards to a community development block grant, which we applied for and did not get funding.

Letter from DOS in regards to a shared municipal service incentive grants program.  This was not funded either.

Quality community grant program in regards to our comprehensive plan which is not funded.

The budget for ALS, which there is a contract with Greene County EMS, Catskill’s share of expense is $320,351.  This is up 14.5% from the prior year.  This is again an agreement that all the Towns in Greene County have.  The average increase is approximately 10.5%.  There is a proposal that the County Legislature is being asked to pickup more of a portion of the funding for the Greene EMS.  By the year 2011, the cost of ALS would be one million one hundred thousand dollars.  This would be untenable for the Towns to afford.  

Councilman Leggio asked if the Town will start to look into providing ALS.  Supervisor Izzo stated that he has asked the Ambulance Administrator to contact REMO to file another application for us to have ALS services.  Our contract with the County is for this year and next year, but does not believe a contract will extend beyond that.  

Supervisor Izzo asked if anyone would like to address the Board.  

A member of the audience asked about a barn on 23B and Sunny Valley Road.  This used to be an antique barn and the person was told that it is going to be a multi-family dwelling.  

Linda Speckman, the Code Enforcement Officer, stated that Joy Farrell submitted an application before the Planning Board to convert the barn into multi-family housing about 2 years ago and she has not been granted approval.  She has recently hired another engineer help her through the approval process.

The member of the audience stated that the septic system is on the trailer’s property.

Linda Speckman stated that Ms. Farrell has to submit a plan of how the apartments would look like, handicap accessibility, lighting arrangements, septic, etc.

Other members of the audience asked if this is feasible that this might be accomplished.  Ms. Speckman stated that that is up to the Planning Board.  It would require a public hearing and all landowners 300 feet would receive a letter as to when the hearing would be.  This person also asked about the septic and Ms. Speckman stated that she would look into it.

Alfie Beers, Highway Superintendent, spoke about a clean-up day since the County Transfer Station has re-opened.  October 7th will be Town Clean-Up Day from 7 am to 3 pm.  

RESOLUTION # 76-2006                    CATSKILL TOWN CLEAN UP DAY

Councilman O’Connor presented the following for consideration and adoption,

WHEREAS, the Town of Catskill wishes to have a Town Clean-Up day on Saturday, October 7th, 2006 from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for Town of Catskill residents, due to the fact that the Greene County Transfer Station has re-opened, so

THEREFORE WE, the Catskill Town Board hereby approve October 7, 2006 as Town Clean Up Day and authorize the Town of Catskill Highway Superintendent to perform such clean-up services, as he deems necessary to complete the Town-wide service.

Councilman Antonelli seconded this motion.

Ayes  5,        Nays  0,        Absent  0,                              Motion Carried

Town of Catskill Comptroller’s Cash Report for July 2006
Town of Catskill Highway Report for month of August  2006
Town of Catskill Cemetery Report for the month of August 2006
Town of Catskill Code Enforcement Report for the month of August 2006
Town of Catskill Ambulance Report for the month of August  2006

* Copies of all reports are available at the Town Clerk’s office upon request.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Councilman Antonelli and seconded by Councilman Hanusik.  The meeting ended at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Izzo
Deputy Town Clerk