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Bond Resolution Reconstruct Town Owned Property

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, at a meeting held on the 18th day of April, 2018, the Town Board of the Town of Catskill, New York duly adopted a bond resolution, an abstract of which follows, which resolution is subject to the permissive referendum provisions of Article 7 of the Town Law.

Resolution No. 30-2018—Said bond resolution authorized the Town to reconstruct certain Town owned property, involving, in particular: replacement of the main roof on the North Garage of the Town Highway Department, replacement of garage doors at the South Garage and at the Pole Barn of the Town Highway Department, and reconstruction of the rear wall and replacement of windows at the Town Hall, including, without limitation the acquisition of original furnishings, machinery and apparatus required for the purposes for which such reconstructed buildings are to be used  (collectively, the “Project”). The estimated maximum cost of reconstructing the Project, including preliminary costs and costs incidental thereto and the financing thereof, is $550,000 and said amount was appropriated in the resolution for such reconstruction. The resolution also authorized the issuance of serial bonds of the Town in the aggregate principal amount of $550,000 pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Local Finance Law, constituting Chapter 33-A of the Consolidated Laws of the State of New York (the “Law”). The Town Board determined in the resolution, among other things, that the period of probable usefulness of the specific objects or purposes, which the bonds authorized by the resolution are to be issued, is ten (10) years, within the limitation of Section 11.00(a)(12)(a)(3) of the Law, and the proposed maturity of the obligations authorized by the bond resolution will exceed five (5) years.  

Said resolution shall take effect thirty (30) days after its adoption, unless there shall be filed with the Town Clerk a petition signed and acknowledged by the electors of the Town qualified to vote upon a proposition to raise and expend money, in the number equal to at least five per centum (5%) of the total vote cast for governor in the Town at the last general election held for the election of State officers, protesting against the resolution and requesting that the matter be submitted to the qualified electors of the Town at a referendum in the manner provided by the Town Law.

A complete copy of the bond resolution is available for inspection at the Office of the Town Clerk, located at 439 Main Street, Catskill, Greene County, New York, during regular business hours.

Dated:  April 23, 2018

/s/ Elizabeth Izzo      
Town Clerk
Town of Catskill, New York